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... The goal of this directory changed since 2005.

180 or 360 degree?

"webbiz" and showbiz

new showbiz?

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Ethiopian Millennium -- third year : ethio.vtheatre.net

2008 -- end of the road "USA"
Education is business. In fact, IT (Information Technologies) is knowledge we muy and sell. You heard it -- data managements and so on. I try to stay specialized -- theatre (acting, directing, theory) and some film. Only class I teach and shows I direct. Well, well, I hardly can manage that little!

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Once a year I work on business pages (summer, when I do not teach), and only for a few days.


Webmasters, learn not to waste your time! But before you begin designing your website, remember why authors create websites:

To sell books and/or products
To be viewed as experts
To accumulate fans
To maintain a baseline of all marketing communication
To be easy to get in touch with
To maximize their Web and media presence


2005 updates *

Somewhere on WEB pages [web.filmplus.org] there is DONOT list -- I should come back to it and bookmark it for myself : I made/make a lot of WRONG moves.

"Fool's Gold" -- "free" stuff, Internet is full of those offers. Especially, "business" sites -- most of them are full of general (obvious) recommendations for webmasters... with attached CALL to BUY.

"Click -- Retain -- Action" ?

The last number of this equation is BUY only?

How else?!



Really? LUL <
2009 and After

ShowBiz -- GeoAlaska : Virtual Theatre

2005: WEB
There is BIG but not developed business directory @ Film-North... Between the content pages and business are the pages about my webpages. It took me two years before I understood that the service pages are a must -- you know, reference, glossary, faq and so on. Then another year to discover that in order to develop websites I need special pages focused on webbing. That was the time, when I began to develop the Virtual Theatre ideas and noticed that the medium itself (web and internet) needs a special attention. Finally, the realization that webmaster is not a businessman! That I need to think about the business end of the process!

Sounds complicated? It is. Who will be thinking about the strategy and tacts of the promotion and marketing? Where is the plan for next year? What are the targets, goals, deadlines? Of course, it's business, when so many people are involved! When you have the numbers in thousands, it's time to think differently. So, both sites got its business directories: theatre and film.

... ant'08 updates : myspace.com/anatolant



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