2008 : intro : notes : should I even ask myself why my webpages never turned business?

What did I have in mind when I made this page?

This directory?

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Так что же это значит -- "дело интернета = общество"?

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Web as Biz
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BIZ pages only!

... Two-three years ago business pages and directories began to appeare on my websites. First, to serve as a places to collect my links-exchange, later for my affiliations, like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles... but I knew that sooner or later the free era of internet will be over. Then the service providers began to die like flies. I moved my pages around, loosing a lot and began to pay -- Yahoo is one, for example. The business of cyper-space was coming...

If you want to read more on web & net as business space, go to WEB directory, or Buisness @ Film-North. Also, Sellassie WWW* has many business directories and pages.

* I left my Ethiopian sites on business pages (see the listings, top -- and use the floating frame-menu, left) in case, if this is your market (Sellassie pages have very good traffic from the start). Of course the demographics of those wesites are very different, but only the ethnic market (since this is focused not only on Africa or Ethiopia, but on history, Sellassie I, art, music, literature). My daughter, Alexandra, is a webmaster antohin@hotmail.com

My reasons for going commercial:

As you can see, I am not a businessman, a professor, but since I pay now for the servers and domain names, I want the pages to pay for themselves.

More, I would like to hire somebody to continue the development and therefore I should look at the sites as business (with budget, plans, accounts and etc.)

I believe that my pages are an open book and self-explanatory. Yes, yes, I will collect all the data in one place, but, nevertheless, even in the dead summer season both Vitual Theatre and Film-North are getting around 2000 pageviews daily (each). The Sellassie sites were at this mark long ago.

PS. The link-exchange. Listen, folks, if you like my pages, you link to the place you want (no permission needed). If you want me do the same -- use the htmlgears (get the right one for you) and submit your link (I review it and I like it, I activate it).

BTW, some of the pages have very heavy traffic and they be priced differently in the future. Right now this is beta trail. And I do not have serious legal documents; we will keep the email exchange and basic agreement on serveces and obligations, as a contract.

Best Luck!


"Business of Spectator"


7.27.08 -- myspace.com/anatolant [ant]


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GeoAlaska ShowBIZ Preface

Запоздалое Предисловие
As usual, read title and faq pages. Check the counters, each page has its own individual counter (bottom on the right).

BIZ directory has banners only for GeoAlaska. Besides a couple paid banners, all flash banners are mine; you select the pages you like and replace my banners with yours. To make life easy for me and you, I rather have a flat fee ($50/year for now, 2002). The same with the popup windows, which I use now for navigation.

There are several different ways (and combination of them) you might consider for advertising: traditional horizontal banners, vertical (smaller), botton, popup or text. All depends on the nature of your business and your products.

A few words about the market. My film and theatre sites are educational in nature, so, the audience is young (from HS to grad school), national and international. I know them rather well, because of the 13 forums (several hundred people), who are interactive (this is also a possible place to advertise, if it's appropriate for the list).

Look at the pages, send me the URLS of my pages you like for advertisement, and your offer (and of course, your own URL).

Anatoly, July 2002

Webman's Diary (pages about my experience and what I know now).