2008 : sellassie.net and NewAmerican.biz + NewRussian.org = u21.us

... and other (new) domains.

-- deleting "business html gears"

2008 : Непрошенные мысли" (Незванные?)


2008 groups.myspace.com/stagematrix for webmasters? anatolant.vox.com [ virtual theatre blog ] or/and webman's diary


2008 : sellassie.net and NewAmerican.biz + NewRussian.org = u21.us


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-- 2008 : To compensate for two "lost" years (2006-2007) this year traffic must grown 300%... No way. 30%?

How stupid of me to think about web in term of money, not social innovations -- "Beyond Politics and Money" [ see anatoly-web calendar ]

... The Grand Depression and After 2009 -- welcome to the third Millennium! finally, we are in the "century 21"!

Global economy -- how does it look like? With Africa that lives in pre-history and some, who are in post-history?

You heard about the environment, too?

"We are the world..."

That was 1984.

More than a generation back. We ever since rapping out -- buy-buy-buy, bitch!

Well, it's time to say goodbye to the golden times (for Golden Billion), there is five more billions on this planet.

Do you borders?

I don't.

Well, the rest is history?




What about the Grand Depression?

Do you want to know?

You never heard it?

I can't believe it!

Oct. 5, 2008


2004: web by itself is a show business, i.e. show + business. I didn't understand the both components of the beast!

After six years of webbing I should give up... If not for Google and Amazon the pages wouldn't make any money. All the affiliation banners and links I still see here and there are worthless.

What about the use for my writing, productions, classes?

What do I get back?

... I am tired. I have no time for business. All my energy goes for content. Texts, texts.

Notes from the past:

Notes for me and you who want to advertise on my websites:

some tips and thoughts:

1. You need to know your market because I need to where to place the ads.

2. You need to have some idea about my webpages in order for to design a campaign (without targeting advertising the results are poor).

3. You should have some tracking means (impressions, for example) since it's difficult for me to judge the results of campaign.

4. You see on my pages the traditional banners: "small" (right table), "full banner" (468 X 60) and "skyscraper" (80 X 300). I recommend to use the "sponsored links" -- easy for me to maintain (suggested -- links in htmlgears, you see them on all pages, I am using most of the links to Amazon, affiliation).

5. Also, consider for advertising my popup windows which are already in place.

6. New: self-service advertising! You submit your link to "biz" listings (htmlgears), send $20/year -- and I approve your listing.

Non-commercial sites: I do not exchange links anymore; you place links to my sites and pages without my permission (see "submit your link" page and htmlgears -- theatre and film relevant, if I like what I see, I approve it).

7. Do you see my own banners (advertising my own new sites, directories and pages)? There are in place already to re replaced by YOUR banners.


vtheatre.net = geoalaska (old name)
[ Shame on me: only now (2002) I am making business directory! ]

from my emails:

I visited your site and understand that it's new. I have some info on my pages in http://filmplus.org/business/title.html

Most of my webpages are organized around the classes I teach (film and theatre). Some have very heavy traffic (film directing, for example, or biomechanics acting); you should take a look at http://vtheatre.net (the biggest I have). Please, let me know your methods of advertising in order for me to recommend the ways to do it on my sites.

The overall clicks number I have only for the Tripod pages (the best if you open the cq counter and make your own analysis -- numbers, demographics and etc.)

The Yahoo server has only individual counters on each page -- over 10.000 MB (3 times more than filmplus.org).

Let me know, if you have more questions.

anatolant [ notes and reflections in Russian ].


Film-North @ http://filmplus.org
Virtual Theatre @ http://vtheatre.net 11.16.04 (year traffic) -- unique: 298,100
reload: 236,915
Growth: +142.23%

I should be happy with the numbers!


Yesterday = Day 320, 15 Nov 04 (unique) 2,223 (reload) 2,029 (total) 4,252 By the end of the year I probably will break 5K/day!

2008 groups.myspace.com/stagematrix for webmasters? anatolant.vox.com [ virtual theatre blog ] or/and webman's diary

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